Same shoes, different Heights

With a single pair of shoes you can change the heel height, shape and colour – when you want, where you want.

A Dream come true

Our range of interchangeable Heels allows you to simply switch a single pair of shoes from a high to a low. Choose from our range of 35, 55 and 90mm Heel heights across a variety of shapes, colours and materials.


Create your own collection of shoes and sculptural heels, suited to any season and fit for any occasion. Save time, space and money. Join our community and become an ambassador. Exclusively experience the first collection and enjoy a handsome discount on your first pair.

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Olivia & Philip are the Anglo-French Duo that have combined their skills in fashion, design and architecture, to tackle the problem of discomfort caused by wearing high-heels.


Olivia, born in Lyon France, established a commendable career in the luxury fashion industry, operating as the head of marketing and PR for some of the worlds leading fashion brands. Philip, a British architect and design enthusiast, applied his technical background and eye for detail to create a seamless synergy between fashion and function.

Our shoes allow you to seamlessly switch between a high and low so you can adapt to your changing environments and respond to your immediate needs. Designed to take the discerning woman from Day-to-Night and beyond, we have added a sophisticated touch-of-technology and silent-comfort to luxury women's footwear.